ROOF CLEANING: The Rest of the Story

There is a major misunderstanding about asphalt shingle roof cleaning.
Most people think that you cannot have your shingles cleaned without causing damage
to them. Half of the roofs in Kentucky are replaced because of the way they look, not because of the functionality. What does this mean? It means that when roof algae
collects on a roof and causes black streaks, half of the time the homeowner will call a roofing contractor, and without much thought, have the roof replaced. You can also be
sure that a roofing contractor isn’t going to talk themselves out of a sale by telling the homeowner the roof only needs cleaned, and some roofing contractors don’t realize
that roofs can be cleaned without causing damage.

Damage is done to the roof when too much pressure is applied to the shingles
in an attempt to blast the algae off the roof.  Never use or allow a contractor to use
a pressure washer to clean your roof.  Doing so will lessen the longevity of the shingles
by blowing the shingle granules off, which are there to protect the shingle. The major
shingle manufacturers have guidelines and recommendations for cleaning roof algae off
of asphalt shingles. This method includes the proper cleaners applied with low pressure followed by a light rinse. No more than garden hose pressure is ever applied to your
roof using this method.  This is the safe and effective way to kill roof algae and restore your roof's appearance without causing damage to the shingles.

Proper roof cleaning can save you THOUSANDS of dollars!
Do NOT prematurely replace shingles that really only need our professional cleaning.

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